September 2, 2008

Labor(ious) Weekend

After the busy summer we've had we decided to spend this Labor Day weekend actually working instead of resting. So many projects that we meant to complete over the past few months were crammed into 2 days and, whoooo-doggy, did we get a lot done!

First on the list was touching up the paint in the bathroom. We've only been meaning to do this, oh, for the past two months. And by meaning to do this I mean the blue painters tape has been up on the wall for TWO MONTHS. You'd think staring at that awful tape day after day would have motivated us long ago - oh no, we're great procrastinators here at Nokomis Bungalow. It's something we excel at!

Next, we hung another cabinet in the kitchen. This one above the refrigerator. Now, for some people this may not be any sort of great task. But when you combine the math skills of Mitzi & Greg you get somewhere around the equivalent of asking a 3-year-old to finish your algebra homework. Yea, we're that good! Once I get the camera back from my sister's house I'll post the pic of Greg's ingenius measuring techniques. It really is a sight to behold for sure!

After that 2-hour long task we moved on to less-taxing chores like hanging the curtain tie-backs in the bedroom, changing out the AC filter (yes, I know I was supposed to do that at the beginning of summer, not the end. See above reference to procrastination) and finally putting the switch plate on the bathroom light switch (that last one took us only 5 months to get to!)

All in all it turned out to be a very productive weekend for us, topped off with a whole family furniture move-a-thon at my sister's house Monday evening. We Minnesotan's are nothing if not, well, as I like to put it, a crazy bunch of hard workers that don't know when to take a break.

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1915bung said...

Nice looking home. Keep up the good work.

There is a new group forming to give grass roots support for those of us restoring our homes in Minneapolis.

Email me for more information.