February 8, 2008

The beginning...

I've been meaning to get this blog up and running for quite a while now and I think I'm finally done procrastinating. The brief history with my - I mean "our" - little bungalow goes something like this:

I became the proud owner of a 1923 bungalow back in the late summer of 2002. Unlike a lot of house bloggers I know I was very fortunate to find a home in good condition. All it really needed was a dash of my own personal style - which I'm still trying to figure out. Three years later I decided to let this nice fella, Greg, move in with me. And this nice fella, wouldn't you know, he had design ideas all his own! I begrudgingly acquiesced to his pleas of putting his own touch to the homestead - he was nice enough to marry me and all - and wouldn't you know it, this guy has good taste!

We share a love of all things vintage/antique - from houses and all they contain to clothing and music - and are slowly, but surely, trying to replicate our home's original style. So here's our story, past, present and future. Hope you enjoy!